Superior Quality Zinc Castings

Zinc Die Casting Experience

Soldy has been in the custom zinc die casting business since 1982. We have worked with zinc alloys of all kinds and understand the techniques of casting each of them. With standard die casting equipment as well as high-precision Techmire machines, our zinc castings are efficiently produced to the highest quality standards. Because we use high-speed equipment, parts are cost effective — and all manufacturing is done in the U.S.

The Zinc Die Casting Process

Zinc castings are produced using hot chamber machines. The machine’s injection mechanism is submerged in the hot molten metal. As the injection cylinder (or plunger) rises, a port in the feed system (or gooseneck) opens and hot molten metal fills the cylinder. The plunger then moves down, sealing the port and forcing the molten metal through the gooseneck and into the die cavity. After the zinc solidifies, the plunger retracts and the casting is ejected.

Benefits of Zinc Die Casting

Zinc alloys have many desirable characteristics for parts and components. Zinc is an extremely strong, rigid and hard metal. Yet through our zinc pressure die casting process, zinc can be formed into parts with extremely thin walls and in intricate, complex shapes. Plus, zinc is a relatively low-cost material.

Zinc castings:

  • Have exceptionally good electrical conductivity
  • Offer high thermal conductivity
  • Are non-sparking and non-magnetic
  • Resist corrosion
  • Are completely recyclable

When zinc is die cast, it results in a monolithic part, with no welds, bolts or seams to compromise strength and durability. Die casting is capable of producing parts with more complex shapes, closer tolerances and thinner walls than other casting and molding processes.

Zinc die cast parts are used in a wide range of industries, including automotive and electronics. 

Zinc Die Casting Services

In addition to our core zinc die casting services, Soldy provides in-house tool design, construction, repairs and modifications. Secondary operations include utilizing trim presses, rotary tumbling, vibratory deburr, CNC machiningheat treating, shot blasting, assembly, impregnation plating, powder coating, chromate and finishes. Our wide range of services, combined with our experience and competitive pricing, make us your one-stop shop for zinc parts.