Die Casting Design & Engineering

Creating Dies to Deliver Superior Results

About the Soldy Engineering Team

Our goal is to provide you with the best tool options, in the most cost-effective way, to achieve the best casting results. This is especially true of our die casting design and engineering capabilities. Our tool engineers — which include Master Tool Builders — will support your part designers through the entire process of product design for die casting to realization of die-castable part, optimizing:

  • Part geometry
  • Cost-saving weight reduction
  • Drafts
  • Fillets
  • Porosity reduction

Engineering Department Services

All tooling care, from complex engineering modifications to basic routine tooling maintenance, is done on-site, providing you with turnkey services at the lowest possible cost. In addition to creating tools, we have the ability to refurbish your previous supplier’s tools.

The creative and innovative Soldy die cast engineers and mold makers perform a wide range of services to ensure your parts meet or exceed your requirements:

  • Die casting tool design consultation
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) methodology
  • In-house tool making
  • Sourcing of tools overseas (when needed)
  • Mold flow simulation to assure tool design and capability
  • Use of SolidWorks modeling software
  • Multi-slide tool design for high-speed zinc die casting machines
  • Multi-cavity zinc and aluminum die casting design
  • Machining fixture design
  • Trim die design
  • Evaluation, modification and adaptation of transfer tools
  • Design of family tools
  • Use of PQ² for adequate gate calculation
  • When required, coating options for tool longevity

Our engineers are happy to help you get started or answer any questions you have regarding their design and engineering capabilities.