Why Soldy?

Our Clients Choose Soldy — Time and Time Again

A Superior Die Casting Company

Soldy strives to ensure customer satisfaction by providing castings that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. After almost 40 years in die casting, we understand that it’s not one department that gives us the ability to provide quality parts on time. It’s the collected knowledge, experience and fluid communication between the experts who work in our tool room, quality, die casting, secondaries, maintenance, customer service and logistics that make us a superior die casting company.  

Why Our Customers Choose Us

Top 10 reasons Soldy enjoys long-term relationships with our customers:

  1. In-house tool design, construction, repair and modifications
  2. Dedicated engineers with decades of experience
  3. Experts in maintaining and measuring tight tolerances up to .0001” in zinc
  4. Wide range of casting capabilities from .004 ounces to 11 pounds
  5. Mature Quality Management System
  6. Experienced maintenance department that can repair and rebuild machinery
  7. 99% on-time delivery rate
  8. Responsive customer service
  9. Flexible production schedule to meet changing demands
  10. Competitive pricing