Anodizing Cast Aluminum

Anodizing cast aluminum provides a protective barrier to ensure products and components have a longer lifespan. This is commonly used to protect the metal underneath from corrosion and abrasion and is used in a wide range of industries. Outdoor furniture, windows, doors, automotive parts and household appliances are just some of the many goods that undergo this process.

The process involves immersing an aluminum casting in an acid electrolyte bath, then passing an electrical current through it. This creates a black anodized coating of aluminum oxide that protects the surface beneath it. Certain variations of this procedure result in a porous layer that can be colored.

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Anodizing can be a challenge without the right level of experience. As a leader in aluminum and zinc die casting, Soldy Manufacturing has the expertise to provide these services, as well as related finishing techniques such as zinc yellow chromate plating and black zinc chromate finishes. Our combination of know-how and state-of-the-art equipment means you can expect to receive the highest-quality results from us, whether you’re looking for anodized aluminum or zinc yellow chromate components.

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