Aluminum Heat Treating Services

Aluminum die castings are called upon to withstand some seriously harsh conditions while providing precision performance. This is why Soldy Manufacturing provides comprehensive aluminum heat treating services as part of our CNC capabilities. Without the proper application of heat treating, aluminum components may not be as strong. Additionally, castings may not meet the exacting specifications required by manufacturers or may not offer the ideal level of electrical conductivity. Our expertise and wide array of aluminum heat treating equipment make us the go-to resource for customers across a broad spectrum of industries.

Our Capabilities

Our aluminum heat treat oven is used to anneal, or age, components to change the microstructure of the metal. This has the desired effect of changing its mechanical or electrical properties to make the finished product better suited for its intended purpose. For example, annealing in our aluminum heat treat furnace may serve to increase the ductility or reduce the hardness of a casting. It may also reduce or eliminate any internal stresses to enhance the durability of castings. This makes this process extremely valuable for companies in sectors ranging from automotive to consumer electronics to medical devices.

Why Choose Soldy Manufacturing?

With more than 40 years of experience behind us, we pride ourselves on our consistent ability to provide quality parts on time. We’re well-versed in CNC machining, delivering repeatability and reliability that our customers depend on to ensure their products are the best they can be. Our ability to provide aluminum heat treating is just another example of how we can be a one-stop shop for the companies we serve.

We work closely with you, determining the best design and processes to produce the part you need. Our in-house capabilities make it possible for us to see your project through from beginning to end, from the original concept and design all the way to the finished product. No matter what we do for you, our focus is on how we can give you the most value in every aspect.

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