CNC Machining Services

CNC machining is one of the most versatile and effective capabilities available in the manufacturing process, with CNC machining services offering the ability to shape custom forms and objects not only with a high degree of accuracy, but with the quality offered by our full range of manufacturing materials. Precision CNC machining services from Soldy Manufacturing provide the repeatability and reliability necessary to deliver an efficient, high-quality finished product.

Our Custom CNC Machining Service

Soldy Manufacturing’s CNC precision machining services are one of our most frequently drawn-upon secondary services, making us a true end-to-end, one-stop shop for your manufacturing project. We work with you to determine the best design and processes for your piece or part, with our full range of capabilities available to get from concept and design through to finished product.

As a CNC company with extensive experience working to our customers’ requirements, specs and budgets, we know exactly the right times, scenarios and applications under which to use our molding, machining and other services. We typically employ CNC services — including our aluminum CNC machining service — in situations where component features and shapes cannot be effectively cast.

With our four-axis CNC machine capable of finishing, shaping, drilling and tapping, we offer a full complement of services that would otherwise require third-party processes, logistics, fulfillment, time and cost. By keeping processes under one roof, you enjoy the same personnel, quality and service through every step of the manufacturing cycle.

Working With Soldy Manufacturing

Our focus is always on you as the customer. We strive to ensure quality, proficiency and exemplary service throughout the manufacturing process. With numerous services — including CNC machining, all conducted in-house — we are fully prepared to handle every aspect of your manufacturing project.

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